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real estate investment MANAGEMENT since 2001

Our real estate investments are designed for excellent returns and to hedge against inflation. Our investments include residential real estate, notes, rentals, commercial real estate, 506B and 506C.  We invest throughout Texas and in Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Virginia.

Whether you are a seasoned investor looking to expand your portfolio or new to real estate investments, we offer opportunities to suit a range of investor profiles.  Let us put your money to work for you.

potential return

Return on investment varies, but our investment capital management arm, FH Global Ventures, has generated as much as a 15% return in some cases. For an example of potential returns on an individual property level, please see below (105 Buie Dr. Everman, TX - 2016).

Purchase Price: $17,000
Sales Price: $40,000
Carry Time: 358 days
Rehab Cost: $0
Paid Investor 15%: $2330
Net Profit: $20,670
ROI: 107%
Yearly ROI: 124%


investment benefits

In addition to providing healthy returns, the real estate assets acquired by the Financial Hero portfolio of brands typically offer significant investment benefits, including:

  • Incredible low purchase costs

  • Positive cash flow after principle, interest, taxes &insurance

  • True equity at the time of purchase, based on licensed appraisals

  • Substantial tax benefits, due to the sheltering of rental real estate

  • Appreciation, historically taking place at a steady rate

  • The ability to structure deals for minimal to no money out of pocket:
    short term bridge financing available for qualified investors



The portfolio of Financial Hero brands work together synergistically to optimize your return on investment.  We control the complete investment cycle in-house, from asset acquisition to renovation to property management to resale, which increases cost containment, portfolio management and quality control.


synergistic services

within the financial hero portfolio of companies

PROPERTY acquisition

We purchase homes to flip and as investments from individuals ready to sell at below market rates and negotiate deals for homes in need of renovations and repairs.  

note acquisition

We acquire non-performing notes (NPN) from major banks and other sources, often in bulk, which affords us higher negotiating power. We prefer occupied properties as we can work directly with the home owner to turn NPN into performing notes, thereby increasing resale value and return on investment.

RETURN: Fix & flip

We renovate acquired properties for resale or rental. Renovations are managed by our construction services division. Processing in-house controls renovation cost, timeline and workmanship quality, which protects return on investment and increases resale or rental value.


RETURN: non-performing-notes

In addition to working with home owners of occupied properties, other options to generate a return from NPN investments include: loan modification, sell off notes, foreclosure, leaseback, wholesale, short sell, and recovery of past due taxes / outstanding debts or liens with loan modification.


Our property management division maintains our real estate properties and liaise with owner-financed and rental property tenants to monitor continuity of payment, reduce tenant turnover and to provide excellent customer service. 



We are invest in new build and larger scale real estate programs, including the fly-in residential community and airport project Poetry Landing (formerly Rives Air Park) 


For an overview of all of the brands in the Financial Hero portfolio of companies and their function, please click below.



Our investment opportunities are typically illiquid and involve risk.  Only invest if you have reviewed and are comfortable with potential risks. For more information, see the “Risk Factors” section of the Prospectus below.


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